Custom PC/Mac Builds, Upgrades, & Software Installs

Boost your income with a lightning fast computer to speed up the workflow! Or, some new software!


Custom Builds & Full Desk Setups

Specializing in computers that dual-boot Windows & Mac! More powerful and affordable than Apple computers. We also do complete desk setups with multiple monitors and microphones for Twitch streaming, music production, etc.

Software Installs

No Subscription Installs of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, Creative Cloud Suite; Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel; Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X; Audio & Video Plug-ins; Autodesk AutoCAD, & more!

General Computer Diagnostics

Slow computer, not booting, possible virus, upgrades, hard drive issues, swaps, & more! PCs & Macs are both covered! If there's a problem you are facing with your computer - we can fix it!

Our Builds

Past beasts for happy people!